Cider Making Kit (Standard)

¥32,500 (Includes tax)


This basic kit is suitable for the novice cidermaker who wants to start by making 25 to 30 liters of cider inexpensively. The kit contains two Standard Fermenters suitable for fermentation but not for long-term maturation and storage.

Kit Contents:

  • Two 30L Standard Fermenters with airlocks
  • 3m length of Standard Syphon Tube (for racking the cider)
  • Large 30.5 cm Funnel
  • One Mangrove Jacks Craft Cider Pouch (choice of apple, pear, strawberry and pear, mixed berry, or raspberry and lime)
  • 5g sachet of Yeast
  • Hydrometer
  • Hydrometer Jar
  • Pack of 100 Campden Tablets
  • “Real Cider Making on a Small Scale” by Michael Pooley & John Lomax

*Kit is shipped directly from the UK to your door. Although we will help you from start to finish with your order, any extra fees and charges imposed by customs is your responsibility. Price includes shipping from the UK.

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Apple, Pear, Strawberry & Pear, Mixed Berry, Raspberry & Lime